Ear Wax Microsuction

Ear wax microsuction is a quick and safe method to remove excessive earwax

Ear Wax Removal Walthamstow

Ear wax microsuction is a quick and safe method that our pharmacists use to dislodge and remove a build-up of wax without touching the eardrum and sensitive areas of the ear to avoid causing possible damage.

Microsuction is especially useful for people who should not have water in their ears. A build up of earwax can cause problems in one or both ears, such as:

  • Muffled hearing
  • Tinnitus (hearing added noises, like ruffling)
  • Earache, itching or discomfort

Our earwax removal service is a safe and effective way to remove excessive earwax.

How Much Does Ear Wax Removal Cost ?

Ear Wax Removal Prices
£40 for one ear or £60 for both ears.

How does the Microsuction service work?

Step 1

Discuss your requirements

Either phone us 📞 020 8521 5471


Step 2

Ear health check

Our pharmacist will ask you some questions and talk you through the process, we may also perform a hearing test if needed.

Step 3

Ear cleaning

If necessary, our pharmacist will safely remove the ear wax build up via microsuction and then discuss the next steps you need to take.

Is microsuction painful?

The gentle suction device works in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner, and although it can be quite noisy, it is quick and painless. If the object is hard, a removal can be slightly uncomfortable. The person doing your procedure will always tell you if it’s going to be uncomfortable.

Microsuction can be less uncomfortable if a wax-softening spray is used for 3 nights before, and on the morning of, the appointment. You can buy a wax-softening spray, such as Earol® olive oil spray, at your local pharmacy.

Please bring the spray with you to the appointment. We might need to use it in your ears to soften the wax.

Ear Wax Removal in Walthamstow

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